Bengalesisnika is local Bengal Cat breeder in Sesimbra. Find a Bengal Kitten nearby

Are you planning on buying a Bengal kitten? Then you are wondering where to buy a Bengal kitten. Our cattery in Sesimbra is honored to welcome potential owners. You will see both the kittens and adults and pick your amazing pet. The cornerstones of our upbringing ethics are the well-being and communication of our Bengal cats. Growing cats is not an easy task, and we achieve it daily. A lot of families have purchased our great Bengals, and this fact makes routine morepleasant and rich.
Our local Bengal cattery has a history based on affection for our small creatures, devotion to Bengals, and an obligation to pick the best families for our kittens.

Bengalesisnika in Sesimbra bengal kittens cattery

Why our cattery in Sesimbra loves Bengals

Bengals are astonishing creatures, uniting the elegance of a wild creature with the traits of a tender cat. Because of that we love this cat breed and devoted us to breeding Bengal kittens.

What is Bengal cats exterior

The Bengals’ prime shade aspect is a leopard-like ornament of patches, roses, and lines. It is assumed that Bengals are larger than other cats, but, usually, Bengal cats are not bigger than other cats. You can be pleasantly surprised by the variety of colors and ornaments of Bengal cats and littles at our cattery in Sesimbra.

What are the main traits of Bengal Temperament

Bengal cats combine the character of a wild predator with the warmth of a pet. Bengal cats have a highly advanced hunting sense, so we give attention to outdoor exercises and games. Bengals are remarkable for their mind and are highly trained. Due to the right raising, all our Bengal kittens grow up to be tender, friendly, and inquisitive cats. Bengals get along with other creatures, except birds and rodents, and adore kids.

How to care for Bengal Cats

Bengals do not need much grooming: standard claw clipping and systematic bathing are sufficient. The majority of our Bengals adore water, that means bathing your pet is normally pleasant. The Bengal nutrition is easy and acceptable to follow.
All of the above-written gives us a proper appreciation of Bengal cats. Therefore, our cattery in Sesimbra is delighted to dedicate our entire efforts to raising purebred, strong, and friendly Bengal littles.

Main reasons to buy Bengals from a local breeder in Sesimbra

Why search far away for what you need when you have a amazing possibility to choose a breeder around you? To purchase a kitten from a nearby Bengal breeder appears to be more comfortable due to obvious advantages:

  • You can visit the local Bengal cattery as many times as you want, and the distance is not a difficulty.
  • You avoid transporting and insurance costs.
  • Your Bengal will not be overwhelmed during transporting.
  • You will not deal with the adaptation of your Bengal kitten.
  • We will introduce you to the Bengal fans in Sesimbra.
  • We inform you of how to take part in regional cat shows.
  • We provide feedbacks on regional decent vets.

As a result, the advantages for buying a purebred kitten around you are worth considering. When choosing a Bengal breeder, look at its spot, and visit those that are within reachable distance. If you want to be a reliable owner, you will wish to see what kind of surrounding your coming kitten is living in. Seeing a Bengal breeder around Bengalesisnika you will not waste time, which is also a nice addition to the above-mentioned.

Business NameBengalesisnika
AddressSesimbra, Setubal, 2970-139, Portugal
Phone+351 930647870

Attend the local Bengal fanclub in Sesimbra

Our cattery in Sesimbra raises Bengal kittens and knows much about these cats. Nevertheless, to stay up-to-date on the newest tendencies, we are constantly happy to be in contact with the regional Bengal society. We exchange experiences in Bengal training and eliminating unpleasant cat habits. We often discuss the traits of small kittens, share hilarious stories about our cats. It is good when Bengal sellers and owners communicate, educate, and help each other. It is the enchanting world of Bengal fans where we greet everyone who adores these pets!

Bengalesisnika in Sesimbra bengal cats cattery
Owning a Bengal might raise some issues about attention or training. Being introduced to the local Bengal community lets you to be involved in the mainstream of regional Bengal admirers and feel comfortable to talk. You can take some advice from skilled local Bengal owners. Friendly Bengal breeders also are ready to communicate with other admirers. It will enlarge your understanding of this breed and keep informed of the most recent advances.

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