Ahomeformaya is local Bengal cattery in Palm Desert. Adopt a Bengal Cat around you

Have you already decided to get a Bengal? Probably you are wondering where to get a Bengal cat. Our cattery in Palm Desert is happy to welcome potential owners. You will meet both the litter and parents and choose your amazing Bengal. The cornerstones of our raising standards are the health and communication of our Bengals. Raising cats is not a simple job, and we accomplish it day after day. Many families have purchased our great Bengal littles, and it makes lives brighter and colorful.
Our Bengal cattery has a history founded on love of our lesser animals, dedication to Bengals, and a commitment to find the best owners for our litters.

Ahomeformaya in Palm Desert bengal kittens cattery

Why our cattery in Palm Desert breeds Bengal cats

Bengals are astonishing animals, combining the elegance of a wild animal with the traits of an affectionate cat. Because of that we love this cat breed and dedicated us to upbringing Bengal kittens.

What is Bengal cats appearance

The Bengals’ prime color aspect is a leopard-like pattern of spots, roses, and lines. It is assumed that Bengal cats are larger than their brethren, but in fact, Bengal cats are not larger than other cats. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variation of colors and patterns of Bengal cats and kittens at our cattery in Palm Desert.

What are the general features of Bengal Temperament

Bengal cats combine the character of a wild predator with the friendliness of a pet. Bengals have a highly developed hunting instinct, so we give attention to outdoor exercises and plays. Bengals are remarkable for their intelligence and are well-trained. Thanks to the right raising, all our Bengal kittens grow up to be tender, friendly, and curious cats. They get on with other animals, apart from birds or rodents, and adore children.

How to groom Bengals

Bengal cats do not require a lot of grooming: usual claw trimming and regular bathing are sufficient. All of our Bengals love water, that means bathing your cat is commonly easy. The Bengal nutrition is simple and acceptable to keep up.
The above-mentioned brings us a true admiration for Bengals. Therefore, our cattery in Palm Desert is delighted to dedicate our entire efforts to raising pedigree, strong, and affectionate Bengal kittens.

Main reasons to adopt a Bengal kitten from a local breeder in Palm Desert

Why look too far for what you need when you have a wonderful possibility to choose a breeder near you? To get a cat from a local Bengal breeder seems to be more convenient because of visible benefits:

  • You can meet the nearby Bengal breeder as many times as you want, and the length of the road is not an obstacle.
  • You avoid transporting and insurance fees.
  • Your Bengal will not be stressed throughout transporting.
  • You will not face the acclimatizing of your Bengal kitten.
  • We can get you acquainted with the Bengal fans in Palm Desert.
  • We inform you of how to take part in regional cat shows.
  • We provide feedbacks on regional respectable vets.

As a result, the advantages for buying a pedigree kitten around you are worth considering. When choosing a Bengal seller, think about its spot, and see those that are within accessible location. If you wish to be a reliable owner, you will wish to look at what type of environment your coming kitten is living in. Visiting a Bengal breeder around Ahomeformaya you will not waste time, which is also a nice addition to the previous information.

Business NameAhomeformaya
CityPalm Desert
AddressPalm Desert, California, USA
Phone+1 (949) 212-8468

Become a participant of the local Bengal fanclub in Palm Desert

Ahomeformaya in Palm Desert breeds Bengal cats and has knowledge about this breed. However, to be aware of the newest trends, we are forever delighted to keep in touch with the local Bengal society. We share skills in Bengal coaching and get rid of bad cat manners. We often discuss the temperament of newborn kittens, tell hilarious stories about our cats. It is nice when Bengal sellers and owners talk, teach, and consult each other. It’s the fascinating world of Bengal admirers in which we welcome any person who loves this breed!

Ahomeformaya in Palm Desert bengal cats cattery
Owning a Bengal may bring up some issues about attention or training. Being introduced to the nearby Bengal community allows you to be engaged in the mainstream of regional Bengal lovers and don’t hesitate to talk. You may pick up some advice from skilled local Bengal breeders. Outgoing Bengal breeders always are ready to network with other admirers. It will broaden your understanding of this breed and stay informed of the most recent improvements.

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