Purfectpride is regional Bengal Cat breeder in San Juan Capistrano. Adopt a Bengal Cat next-door to you

Have you decided to get a Bengal kitten? Probably you are wondering where to get a Bengal kitten. Our cattery in San Juan Capistrano is proud to welcome future owners. You can see both the litter and parents and choose your amazing Bengal. The cornerstones of our breeding ethics are the well-being and socialization of our Bengal cats. Growing cats is a hard job, and we achieve it every day. Many families own our outstanding Bengal littles, and it makes their lives brighter and rich.
Our Bengal cattery in San Juan Capistrano has a past founded on affection for our lesser creatures, dedication to Bengals, and an obligation to search the perfect families for our kittens.

Purfectpride in San Juan Capistrano bengal kittens cattery

Why our cattery in San Juan Capistrano loves Bengal cats

Bengals are amazing animals, uniting the grace of a savage animal with the temperament of a tender cat. Because of that we love this breed and dedicated us to raising Bengal kittens.

What is Bengal cats appearance

The Bengals’ prime shade feature is a leopard-like pattern of spots, roses, and stripes. It is expected that Bengals are larger than their brethren, but, usually, Bengals are not bigger than other domestic cats. You will be charmed by the diversity of shades and ornaments of Bengals and kittens at our cattery in San Juan Capistrano.

What are the main features of Bengal Temperament

Bengals unite the temperament of a wild predator with the friendliness of a pet. Bengals have a strongly advanced hunting sense, so we concentrate on outdoor exercises and plays. Bengal cats are famous for their mind and are highly trained. Thanks to the proper raising, our Bengal littles grow up to be loving, sociable, and curious cats. They get on well with other animals, except birds or rodents, and adore children.

How to care for Bengal Cats

Bengals do not require a lot of grooming: standard claw clipping and scheduled bathing are sufficient. All of our Bengals adore water, therefore bathing your cat is usually easy. The Bengal nutrition is easy and tolerable to keep up.
All of the above-noted brings us a rightful admiration for Bengal cats. Consequently, our cattery in San Juan Capistrano is proud to devote our entire efforts to raising purebred, healthy, and affectionate Bengal kittens.

The reasons to adopt Bengals from a nearby cattery in San Juan Capistrano

Why look too far for what you need when you get a wonderful opportunity to pick a breeder nearby? To purchase a kitten from a local Bengal breeder seems to be more comfortable thanks to visible advantages:

  • You can meet the nearby Bengal breeder as many times as you wish, and the distance is not a barrier.
  • You avoid transportation and insurance expenses.
  • Your Bengal kitten will not be stressed throughout transportation.
  • You won’t deal with the acclimation of your Bengal kitten.
  • We can get you acquainted with the Bengal owners in San Juan Capistrano.
  • We inform you of how to participate in local cat shows.
  • We give feedbacks on local respectable vets.

So, the causes for buying a purebred kitten around you are worth thinking about. When picking a Bengal seller, look at its spot, and see those that are within reachable distance. If you wish to be a responsible owner, you will wish to look at what kind of environment your future kitten is living in. Seeing a Bengal cattery near Purfectpride you will not lose time, which is also a good addition to the above-mentioned.

Business NamePurfectpride
CitySan Juan Capistrano
AddressSan Juan Capistrano, California, 92675, USA

Attend the local Bengal community in San Juan Capistrano

Purfectpride in San Juan Capistrano raises Bengal cats and has knowledge about them. Nevertheless, to be aware of the newest trends, we are forever happy to stay in touch with the regional Bengal society. We share moments in Bengal training and eliminating unpleasant cat manners. We frequently speak about the temperament of small kittens, share hilarious stories about our cats. It is positive when Bengal breeders and owners communicate, teach, and help each other. It is the marvelous world of Bengal admirers in which we accept any person who loves this breed!

Purfectpride in San Juan Capistrano bengal kittens breeder
Owning a Bengal might raise some subjects about attention or training. Being presented to the regional Bengal community lets you to be engaged in the movement of regional Bengal admirers and feel free to talk. You always may take some advice from skilled regional Bengal breeders. Friendly Bengal breeders also are ready to communicate with other fans. It will extend your understanding of these cats and keep up-to-date with the latest advances.

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