How to care for the Bengal cat’s eyes

Bengal eyes

When taking care of a Bengal cat in general, special attention should be paid to its eyes. Regular and competent eye care will improve the cat’s health, appearance and well-being.

Increased secretions, (more…)

Key tips for grooming a Bengal cat

Bengal cat care

Bengal cats look like miniature leopards and are admired for their appearance. Some future owners, when considering the purchase perspective of an adorable Bengal kitten, want to figure out how difficult (more…)

How to care for Bengal cats

Bengal cat socializing

Caring for Bengal cats is not difficult and will not cause much trouble. In the matter of training, there are some features, dictated by the difference of Bengals from other cat breeds. The intelligence (more…)

How to Clean a Bengal Kitten’s Ears

bengal cat ears

When we bring a small fluffy Bengal kitten into our home, we take responsibility for its health. In addition to proper feeding, vaccinations, and fur care, ear cleaning should become a regular procedure. (more…)

Where to make a bed for a Bengal cat

bengal cat bed

You may consider buy one Bengal kitten or maybe two. Bengal cats are always happy to be part of a family. And as with humans, it is important to provide them with good sleeping conditions. Even if they (more…)

How to Treat a Bengal Cat Snakebite

bengal cat vet

Certain cats are content to be inside at all times. For cats who venture out into in the open, there’s the possibility that a cat might encounter a snake who’s not their most fervent fan. So, what should (more…)

Do Bengal Cats Like Water

bengal and water

Most cats do not like water. This is a well-known fact. Although Bengal Cats are not common, they may enjoy a splash in the water. These cats were bred from domestic cats and bred to Asian Leopard Cats. (more…)

Do Bengals need to clip their claws

bengal scratch

You might be wondering if you could have a nice home with more than one cat. Bengal cats are known for their wild nature and can snag furniture while they race around the house trying to conquer every (more…)

Do Bengal cats love to bath

bengal and water

Bengal cats can be self-groomed. They can lick their own skin and clean themselves without needing to be bathed by their owners. Bengal cats don’t need to be bathed, but bathing them can keep them softened (more…)

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