How to care for the Bengal cat’s eyes

When taking care of a Bengal cat in general, special attention should be paid to its eyes. Regular and competent eye care will improve the cat’s health, appearance and well-being.

Increased secretions, especially early in the morning, with slight stickiness does not indicate any disease in your Bengal cat. Sometimes, however, eye discharge can be a sign of allergies or some health problem. It is very important not to miss an acute eye inflammation or corneal clouding. In acute inflammation, the cat’s eye is half-closed and constantly tearful. The causes of inflammation are manifold, from mechanical irritation by ordinary dust to infection. To timely notice the signs of ailment, it is important to follow the correct care for your cat’s eyes.

Bengal eyes

What you need to buy for Bengal cat eye care

It is necessary to remove accumulated dirt, small particles, or dried up secretions from the corners of your cat’s eyes daily. It is a harmless procedure, which will not cause you or your Bengal any distress, especially if you take care of your cat’s eyes regularly and your cat is used to it. You will need very few products, usually these are:

  • special eye lotion
  • cotton pads
  • wet wipes

You can clean Bengal’s eyes with a wet wipe or cotton pad soaked in a special eye lotion. There are lotions for daily eye care as well as lotions to remove tear lines.There are also lotions that remove brown spots in the corners of the eyes, which is especially recommended for Bengal cats with light-colored coats. The eyes should be brushed very carefully and gently. The eye should also not be pressed or rubbed. If the skin surrounding the eye is severely damaged by persistent discharge, a visit to the veterinarian is necessary. If your cat’s eyes are fine, they do not need any special care. You only need to inspect them periodically and wipe them with a damp cotton pad as needed to remove dried up secretions.

How to clean a Bengal cat’s eyes

When cleaning your Bengal cat’s eyes, start from the outer corner to the inner corner. For each eye you must use a separate cotton pad, also cleaning the hair around the eyes. Take the disk, moisten it with lotion, and wipe the area around the eye as well. If the cat’s eyelashes are sticking together, you should gently swipe the wet disk on the outer surface of the eyelashes, from the nose to the corner of the eye. You can repeat several times until the eyes are free to open and close. Finish by removing any excess lotion from the skin around the eyes. Do not touch the surface of the eye with any dry material, as this may harm your cat.

How Bengal eyes can signal a health problem

If a third eyelid or blinking web comes out of the corner of the eye and partially covers the eye, it may be a sign of fever or infection, sometimes it is related to intestinal problems. The appearance of a third eyelid in only one eye indicates a problem with that particular eye. Increased tearing, especially if the tears are cloudy and brown, swollen eyelids or red eyes may indicate a respiratory infection. Eye inflammation and a large amount of eye discharge of unusual type and color indicates an eye disease, most likely an infectious disease. In all of these cases, a veterinarian should be consulted for a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Bengal cat care eyes

In any case, if the condition of your Bengal’s eyes causes you the slightest concern, do not waste time and make an appointment with a vet. After all, it is much easier to prevent your cat’s disease than to engage in lengthy treatment.

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