All Colors and Patterns of Bengal Cats

Bengal colors and patterns

When choosing a cat, a Bengal makes a charming pet. Friendly and playful, they will keep their owner entertained, and have a similar appearance to leopards, although they have a greater variety of colors (more…)

The Snow Bengal Cat Ultimate Guide

Snow Bengal kitten

Snow Bengal cats are athletic swift, agile and graceful. They are fascinating creatures that have the gorgeous traits of the Asian Leopard cat. If you are looking for a unique cat, the snow Bengal is the (more…)

Do Bengal Kittens change color

bengal kittens

Can a Bengal kitten’s color change? Bengal kittens do change color but only after the age of a certain amount. Bengal kitten’s color changes because they’re a cross between their Asian leopard and domestic (more…)

The life expectancy of Bengal cats

bengal cat

Bengal cats are intelligent and active breeds, admired for their strikingly colored coats. They are a mix of domestic cats as well as wild Asian leopard cats, they are affectionate and soft pets.
When (more…)

What is the cost of a Bengal cat

bengal kittens

There are many factors influence the price. Common belief is that the only thing that distinguishes an “expensive Bengal” from a “cheaper Bengal is whether they come with pedigree paper. But price is just (more…)

Are Bengal Cats aggressive

Are Bengal Cats aggressive

A Bengal cat is a domestic cat breed that was created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a Domestic Shorthair. This cat has wild appearances but is gentle enough to be a pet cat. If you’re looking for (more…)

Are Bengals Cats good with other pets

bengal kittens

They are more active than your average cat and require more care than most housecats. Don’t expect your Bengal Bengal to be lazy all day. Continue reading to find out if Bengals are right for your family.

Bengals (more…)

What do you need to know about Bengal cats

Bengal cat general

Are you considering getting a Bengal cat or a Bengal cat for your home? This unique breed of a house cat is beautiful and very special. The care of a Bengal cat is very different from that of a domestic (more…)

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