Bengal kittens information that you need to be aware of

With its stunning, exotic-looking coat, beautiful ears, and large eyes Bengal cat is akin to a Leopard. However, take a closer look and you’ll discover that this smart, attentive species is much more fascinating than you imagine. There are 5 things that you might not know about Bengal cats.

Bengal cat

Ancient Wild Roots

The Bengal cat appears exotic, and there’s a reason for that. In the 1800s, the Bengal cat first came to light following the Asian leopard was crossed with domestic cats. It was not till Jean Sugden Mill perfected the hybrid breed in the late 80s when the Bengal cat was truly domesticated with the right temperament.

Bengals are Water-Loving Cats

A common trait among Bengal cats is their fondness for water. Don’t be surprised if the Bengal cat is following you around to take a dip in the pool or even the bath. This breed enjoys taking a drink straight off the faucet, and swimming and playing around in the water whenever you have the opportunity.

Teach Me a Trick, Yo!

Another distinctive characteristic of personality: Bengal cats are awestruck by learning tricks and show off. And then perform over and over again. Highly intelligent as well as eager to please Bengal cats are adept at quickly learn tricks as a dog would – and then repeating the same tricks over and over (the breed can also be very energetic). Therefore, you should try to teach your Bengal to play fetch with the ball that is smaller than cats – and then see how much your Bengal can learn from it from there. The Bengal breed is taught basic commands verbally as well.

bengal cat

Glitter on a Bengal Cat coat

Unique in the Bengal’s appearance is the glitter-like sheen that covers the fur coat. It is silky and soft. Bengals may have marbled or spotted coat patterns. Spots can be found on the sides and the top of the body. Those that are composed of two colors are generally called “rosettes,” like those on jaguars. Symmetrical stripes cover the rest of the body including the tail and legs. Although not all Bengals have this coat of glitter, some have it. You can see an iridescent sheen to the coat of your cat that shimmers in the light.

Common Health Concerns for Bengal Cats

The most frequent health issues in cats of the Bengal feline breed as determined by Nationwide Pet Insurance policyholders’ claims from 2016. They are, in order of their prevalence:

  • Lymphosarcoma (cancer in the lymphoid tissue)
  • Chronic renal failure (kidney illness)
  • Stomach upset
  • Pancreatitis
  • Feline urinary tract infection (FLUDT)


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