What is the cost of a Bengal cat

There are many factors influence the price. Common belief is that the only thing that distinguishes an “expensive Bengal” from a “cheaper Bengal is whether they come with pedigree paper. But price is just one factor. If done ethically, breeding Bengals can be a very expensive hobby. Breeders who have kittens at $2 000 are often unable to pay back their costs. You’re considering adopting a Bengal cat. It’s important to understand all factors that can impact the price.

Is there a Bengal Cat for Sale

bengal cats for sale

First, where can you find a Bengal cat for purchase? Here are the things you need to know.
This is a very important decision. You want to keep this animal for at least 15 years. Research is a slow process. This article will assist you in making an informed decision about important cost factors.
Finding a reliable, ethical breeder is the best way to find a Bengal kitten. These breeders are committed to raising healthy kittens and demonstrating all that is great about the Bengal breed. This is how to find a breeder.

What are the different prices for a Bengal cats

Below is info that shows you what to expect at each price range for a Bengal kitten. This price guide is for an SBT Bengal kitten. It was updated in 2021.

  • Below $500: Go the opposite way! This is a scam or backyard breeder
  • $500-$1 000 Be careful. It could be a scam or backyard breeder
  • From $1 000 to $1,500: This is the lowest price you can expect to pay for a Bengal purebred kitten
  • $1 500-$2 000: A good average price
  • $2 000-$2 500 Could be a fair price for a purebred Bengal kitten of a rare color

More than $2 500: This is the highest average price for Bengal kittens, perhaps from a cattery that has champion parents.

What factors influence the cost of a Bengal cat

The price of a Bengal kitten is affected by some factors: the traits of a kitten include generation, quality, age and temperament. Sometimes, demand for a kitten is also associated with color.
SBT Bengals are the most common type of Bengal kittens. These kittens are bred from Bengals and Bengals to produce them. They are at least four generations away from the Asian Leopard Cat. These kittens are usually more expensive and require additional care if you find Bengals of higher generations (called F2 Bengals or F3 Bengals). SBT’s are the best option for pet owners.
The quality of the kitten that you are looking at is a reflection of how well the breeder cared for them (which we will talk about in a moment). You’ll want to search for energetic, healthy kittens with beautiful, straight coats once they are out of their fuzzy stage. You’ll also be able recognize other distinctive characteristics of the Bengal cat breed, such as Bengal Type.

bengal kittens
Breeders who breed quality cats have to pay high prices (sometimes in the thousands) for breeding rights. This is done to preserve and improve Bengal breeds, but it means that they must charge more for kittens. Breeders may also price kittens differently depending on their appearance.

All pricing information can be ignored if you are interested in breeding Bengals or showing . The prices for breeding rights or show rights are usually higher and start at $2,500 at the lowest end, but can go up to tens of thousands of dollars. Prices for show- or breeder-quality Bengals are based on the appearance, lineage and potential benefits the cat will bring to a breeding program.

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