How can you introduce new Bengal kitten to your family members

Introduce your cat to other dogs, cats and even new family members shouldn’t be a stressful ordeal for either you and your cat. Make sure to take your time and follow these suggestions to make the introductions easy and relaxing.
It’s helpful to introduce the smell of those who are new to the family to the cat prior to introducing them fully according to Zazie Todd Ph.D., a social psychologist and founder of The popular website Companion Animal Psychology and author of Wag the Science of Making Your Dog Smile. If you’re planning to bring home the arrival of a baby, for instance, Todd recommends first showing your cat let the cat sniff some thing to acquaint it with the smell beforehand. This will make the first introduction and adaptation easier.

bengal cat and dog

How to acquaint a new Bengal cat with your dog

A few dogs and cats become best friends or at the very least tolerate one the other. The nature of the relationship is determined by the animals involved and their unique personality (combined with genetics and background) However, there are some ways you can try to build a relationship.
Introduce your pet to a new dog by beginning with scent and then an intimate and controlled meeting. Place both animals in separate rooms so that they can get familiar with the scents and sounds of one another. After a couple of days, let your pets see one another by placing your dog in a cage or a baby-gated area and letting the cat be free to explore the new visitor without being frightened or pursued. Let the dog run free while the cat is in a secure room close by. Then, allow them to meet face-to-face.
Maintain your dog on a leash to ensure that you can easily separate pets when things turn sour. Todd recommends that you make sure the cat is able to escape routes that are vertically (such as an imposing cat tree a shelf) and also lower down (such as behind a sofa or behind a cabinet) to make her feel more secure. When they begin to learn to live together and become more comfortable, don’t let your pet free to roam around the home even when you’re not there as well as without supervision.
It is crucial to realize that some dogs will never be completely comfortable with cats in the home. Dogs who have been known to chase small animals or have an animal breed known to possess a high desire to hunt could consider an animal too much for them to bear. If this is the situation, having a cat as a housemate might not be an alternative. Be sure to do your homework and have a thorough understanding of your dog’s behavior and whether she’s comfortable with a small animal such as a cat before you decide to bring your feline companion home.

How to introduce the new Bengal to your cat

When introducing two cats to each other adhere to the rules mentioned above. Alternate which cat is the crate or in the room so that they can move around and feel more at ease in each other’s presence. Make sure you feed them separately and also provide an additional litter box to keep any potential scuffles out of the way. “Two cats need two of everything,” Todd says. Todd. Therefore, make sure to feed your pets separately with their own food and water bowls, and also offer an additional litter box.
Utilize games and snacks to reduce anxiety, keep their minds entertained, and make them associate seeing the other with the positive encounter. Certain cats are more welcoming than others, and some felines might not ever be warm with their pet roommate. However in the event that their interactions don’t involve any serious disturbance, your cats tend to live peacefully.

Making your Bengal Cat familiar with a new kitten or puppy

A lot of older cats view young kittens and puppies more as a nuisance than adorable and loving roommates. Begin the introduction in the same way like you’d do with an older dog or cat however, pay attention to ensure that the pet does not overtake or chase the cat you have been keeping for a while. It is possible that you will have to keep your young pet for some time so that the older pet can have peace.
Never let your puppy chase your cat. This is a tough habit to break when the puppy gets older, so begin training your puppy at an early age, redirect his activities if he becomes out of control, and places him in a cage in the event that you aren’t able to supervise his actions.

bengal cat and dog

Introducing a Bengal Cat to a new baby

A new baby’s arrival home from the hospital can be exciting. Since cat’s habits are innate, they may not be as thrilled as you would be to see your routine interrupted by the added activities that come when you have a new baby. You can, however, assist your cat to adjust by some preparation prior to the time.
Allow your cat to explore the room well prior to the due date, to allow the cat time to adjust to the sights, smells, and sounds prior to when the baby arrives home. You might also wish to record recordings of babies crying to help your pet adjust to the new sound levels that will soon arrive at your house. It is also important to ensure that the cat is in a space in which she can retreat in the event that the baby or the visitors get too much. When the baby is home begin the introduction by introducing the scent of the baby’s blanket or clothes, before offering treats or pet toys so that your cat can associate the baby with positive memories.
It is possible to let your cat come out under the supervision of a pet sitter. If she wanders off Do not try to force the issue. As time passes your cat will become more comfortable in the new environment, particularly if you offer her special time and treats to ease the transition. The majority of cats adjust with time, but should your cat exhibit any indications of anxiety, the sound of hissing or fear, or, in the worst-case scenario aggression, you should be sure to keep her away from your new family member and allow her time to adjust to family’s changes at your own pace.

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