How to choose and buy the right Bengal kitten for you

Bengal kittens are affectionate, playful and cheerful pets and look like leopards. Only much smaller.It is this combination of wild looks and domestic character that has made them one of today’s most fashionable cat breeds. At any show they become the highlight of the program, and kittens in catteries are reserved by future owners even before birth. If you also want to become the owner of such an amazing pet, it is better to collect in advance all possible information about the Bengal cat breed and how to choose a Bengal kitten.

3 Bengal kittens

Why do you buy a Bengal kitten

New pets can come into the home unexpectedly. The kitten is often taken into the house under the influence of emotions, and only then does the calculation begin: what to feed, where to put it and so on. But if you decided to buy a Bengal kitten, you will have to act in reverse order: first calculate, then take. These kids are very expensive, and before you spend money, it is better to think things through.

First of all, you should answer yourself honestly: why do you want to buy a Bengal kitten? Maybe you just want to have a home mini leopard, but not ready for constant trips to exhibitions at your own expense, and fiddling with kittens. Perhaps you are attracted to a show career. Perhaps you want to breed the perfect Bengal. Depending on your motivation, you need to choose a kitten class:

  • Show class. The most expensive and elite Bengal kittens. They have an impeccable pedigree, titled parents, perfect appearance and a perfect temperament. Not every cattery can boast of such kittens, and they are rarely sold to random people, even for a lot of money. If a Bengal show-class kitten is born, it is kept for breeding and participation in shows, where it represents the cattery at its best.
  • Breeding class. This category is intended for breeding. Such Bengals might not have a striking appearance, but they have a strong and stable gene pool and prospects to produce good kittens. Theoretically, they can be bought, but the price for these kittens starts at $1500-2000. Breeder may well refuse the buyer, if he does not think it is responsible and competent enough.
  • Pet class. They have been deemed unsuitable for breeding for one reason or another, but they are not made worse by this. With some of these kittens can also go to the show. The only restriction – these Bengal kittens are most often sold with the signing of a contract of sale, which specifies the term of compulsory sterilization.

Determining the purpose of buying a Bengal kitten, remember one thing: make money on the breeding of kittens will not work. Even that high price does not pay back the money, time, and expense spent. For most breeders, this is a hobby that brings a lot of happiness, but not money.

If you do decide to take a Bengal kitten for breeding, it is important to choose the most promising one. If you do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to evaluate small kittens, it is better to find an expert for consultation and ask him to evaluate the little ones. And remember: you can only say approximately from a small kitten, whether it will grow a star of exhibitions and efficient producer or not outstanding cat. You can only talk about the likelihood of one or the other.

Where to buy a Bengal kitten

Today this breed is at the peak of popularity. There are many ads on the internet offering Bengal kittens for sale, but how do you choose the right Bengal cattery? The best thing to do is to buy a kitten from an experienced Bengal cat breeder located near you. This will let you see in what conditions the babies are kept, see the parents, compare the behavior of the kittens, and take your time to discuss all the details and subtleties with the breeder. Study to choose the best ones and schedule appointments.

Bengal kittens and mom

If you want to buy a Bengal cat for further breeding, you will have to carefully study all the documents, first of all, the pedigree, which shows all the ancestors in both lines. It is necessary to clarify in what club the parents are registered, whether the mating was registered. At the time of receipt of a kitten he must have a veterinary passport with an indication of deworming and vaccinations. It is useful to collect information about the parents: their character, their exhibition career, the fate and success of other kittens. A good breeder will tell you all this. If he hides some information, it means there is a catch.

IMPORTANT You can take Bengal breed kittens out of the cattery only after they are 3 months old. During this time they have already been vaccinated and quarantined, and most importantly – learned everything from their mother, and received immunity from full breastfeeding.

It is also worth considering the sociable and playful temperament of Bengal cats and consider buying 2 Bengal kittens at once. Then they will not be bored, keeping each other occupied with games and communication. Bengal cats are known not to like to be left home alone. So even if you have to leave your Bengals home alone, you won’t have to worry about them.

Care of a Bengal Kitten

Before you have a Bengal kitten in the house, you need to prepare everything for its comfortable stay. First of all, you must install and strengthen nets on the windows, remove all household chemicals from reach, hide valuable and fragile items. It is not unreasonable to go shopping. You’ll need feed suitable for Bengal kittens, bowls, litter tray and litter, a scratching post, toys, and, of course, a cat bed. Without this you will not manage, the rest can be added later. Both the litter and food are better to take those to which he is used to in the cattery.

It is best to take the kitten at a time when you have at least a couple of days to help him adapt. After the move, babies may be a little nervous, looking for their mother and litter mates. Toys, tasty treats, and most importantly, your attention and affection will help. After the kitten has adapted a bit, it’s time to accustom your pet to regular grooming procedures: brushing, wiping the eyes and brushing the ears. Feed the little one 3-4 times a day, gradually reducing the number of feedings to 2-3. At least at first, you should stick to the type of food he is used to in the cattery. If you find it wrong, you can change the feeding over time.

The most important thing to remember is that when you choose a Bengal kitten, you are getting a friend, a child and a family member for many years. Prepare to show patience in training and calmness in dealing with the kitten every day. And your Bengal will answer you with devotion and love, which is impossible to overestimate!

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